Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back in the Food Chain

Life would be far more interesting and meaningful if we were on the edge of losing it by merely leaving the house. For instance if we were back in the food chain. A family visits the beach. While strolling on the pier a giant tentacle latches on to little billy. He drops his cotton candy and screams through a mouthful of it for help. Mom franticly beats on the thing with a lawn chair as fishermen and families run for their own lives. Everyday life, bears, cougars and badgers lay between every destination. Like mean dogs on a paper route. Neighborhood and city sounds periodically interrupted with such events, horrific screams similar to and as timely as current sirens in the distance. Blood stained pavement, body parts and remains lay along side the parked car... couldn't get the keys in fast enough. The maimed and crippled show the scars of daily escapes and stand offs. Gotta be fast and wise to grow old in this place.

1 comment:

  1. "gotta be fast and wise to grow old in this place"~ fabulous! sounds better than a saw movie! you should make it into a movie! maybe many more people would grow to appreciate all they have once again after coming away from a flick like that, eh?! tfs!