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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goldenvoice 30 Year Anniversary Show Shirt. SOLD OUT!


Sorry Folks, this one is now sold out. This is what makes the goldenvoice shirts rare and so collectable. Those that were able to buy early now have a cool shirt and i guarantee it has already gone up in value. A nice investment that you can wear! We have archived a few for future events, until then thanks for the interest and thanks for helping out!- Otis

In the 80s, i designed and printed all of the special limited edition show t-shirts for Gary Tovar, the founder of Goldenvoice Concerts. The first being The infamous DOA TSOL show at Devonshire Downs, 1981. Many more followed over the years. As many of you know, especially collectors, those old relics have become pretty valuable, fetching big bucks on auction sites. Mainly because collectors have come to realize that these are some of the rarest forms of merchandise in the music memorabilia world. Hand printed and unlike regular band shirts these were made for single events and made in very small numbers. Believe it or not some people used to complain at the early shows at our 7 dollar a shirt sales prices. Go ahead, kick yourself. Most of those easily sell now for 1-400 bucks. For the first time since the late 80s I have designed a couple of shirts and hand printed them in the old school tradition for the GV30 show coming up in december. Again, these are very limited in numbers. Since these shows are nearly sold out, if not already we are releasing one of them now for pre sale. "Thirty Years In The Pit" this shirt is a special limited edition, only 300 made. It comes with a special card signed by myself and Gary Tovar.
The other show shirt (also made in small numbers) with the bands listed will only be sold on the days of the show. Not before and not after, enjoy a sneak peek! See you at the shows!
This one will only be sold the days of the shows
Dec 16, 17 and 18 2011