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Monday, September 12, 2011

For The Youngsters...

Many years ago, in a distant land where there were independent record, book, food and clothing shops in every town across the land. A time when popcorn was made outside of the microwave and our food was made from food. There were odd little structures called phone booths where bums could live and people could have sex.

People like myself had little business' that sold stuff to the little independent shops that other independent people owned and ran. Believe it or not, there was a time when people in this country made things and sold things to each other. We had a real economy and it was not always a "bad economy" like today.


  There used to be good economies too. You are viewing some ancient relics,  catalogs of junk I used to like making to sell to others like me. Of course these places are gone now, like the dinosaurs. There is no place left in our country to make or to sell these independent things like there used to be.


  Maybe someday people will realize that they can still make things and not just consume foreign things. I know there is still a few independants. A nice start would be to support and encourage the few that still exist and even do your own thing! 


  1. I remember these shirt ads in Thrasher Magazine in the '80s